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    The Winery

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    The Vineyard

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The winery stands in a privileged hill overlooking the valleys of El Bierzo,before going into Villafranca del Bierzo and in one of the stages of the Way of St. James; a winery that shows the innovator interest of the wine activity in the region.

Tradition and innovation are both patterns that identify the activity of this new adventure. The best mencía grape of the area is cultivated in the region of Villafranca del Bierzo, because most of its vineyards are in the slopes of the hills and there are no nearby zones of irrigation. Such conditions favour the healthy ripening of the grape, avoiding the excessive phytosanitary treatments. Our 25 hectares of godello produce the raw material and receive the dedicated treatment of a human equipment that devotes with passion and care to the growing and production of wines.

As the winery is near the vineyards, the grape harvesting is done manually and, this way, it doesn´t spend too much time in contact with the oxygen, avoiding possible alterations and losses of quality because of oxidation and spontaneous fermentations from the moment it is harvested to its arrival to the winery.

El Bierzo, our land. Godello and Mencía, our grapes. The good work, our target.Vega Montán, our brand.