Francisco Pérez AdriáRocío Pérez CaramésA Valencian entrepeneur, D. Francisco Pérez Adria, fascinated by the wine and the elaborating possibilities of the mencía and that whom everybody remembers as great lover of El Bierzo and who was in love of a berciana, Dña. Obdulia Caramés Sanchez, founded, in 1940, Francisco Perez Adriá Winery, built on El Registrador, the familiar house, his first winery in Villafranca del Bierzo, sowing the germ of a long dinasty of wine producers . After his disappearance, first his widow and then his daughter Rocío, continued Perez Adriá’s initiative.

The company changes in 1975 his former name into Hija de Francisco Perez Adriá Winery, that would become a limited company with the same name in 1988.

In 2002 on Dña. Rocío Perez Caramés’s initiative, following the aim and tradition started by his father, a new company is created, applying the knowledge inherited from Daughter of Francisco Perez Adria S.A., with the name of Bodegas Adriá S.L. inscribed inside D.O. Bierzo.

Nowadays her daughter Dña. Margartita López Teijón is relieving Dña. Rocío, the third generation of producers and vine-growers, following the tradition and continuing with the labor initiated by his grandfather almost one century ago.

The wines, from centenary grapevines of white and stained grape adjust to the peculiarities of Mencia’s red wines or Godello’s white ones, which have a strong character, typical of the big wines from Bierzo, given his location, antiquity, quality of the soils and the unique microclimate.